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Aim Accessories

  • AiM Auxiliary Harness for MXG, MXS, MXL2 Dashes

    This harness plugs into the 22-pin connector on either the AiM MXL2 or the AiM MXG dash. Several of the advanced functions rely on this harness, which is not included with the standard kit. The Auxiliary Harness will provide access to the following...

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  • AiM Exhaust gas power valve sensor

    AiM Exhaust gas power valve sensor

    Exhaust gas power valve sensor provides a very accurate indication of the exhaust gas valve* working, measuring its gap in mm. The sensor, which measures valve stroke until 20mm, samples RPM value that opens/closes the valve and all intermediate values...

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  • AiM Formula Wheel with Dash Display Only

    AiM Formula Wheel with Dash Display Only

    This very trick steering wheel has a built-in dash display designed to be powered by a AiM EVO3 Pista or a AiM EVO3 Pro data logger (sold separately). The black anodized aluminum wheel houses a full-function digital display plus many more great...

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  • AiM GPS05 Module for MXL, EVO3, MyChron4

    The GPS05 module from AiM further expands the track mapping abilities of the EVO3 data logger and MXL and MyChron4 dashes. In addition, the GPS05 allows lap timing (even split times) without the use of trackside beacons, storing data for up to 50 tracks...

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  • AiM Multichron Stopwatch

    The AIM Multichron Stopwatch is the most powerful hand-held stopwatch we offer! The digital stopwatch can track up to 4 different drivers at once. Its generous memory lets you quickly see best laps and scroll through all of the laps to review the race,...

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  • AiM MyChron Light TG Log

    MyChron Light TGLog adds to MyChron Light TG the valuable possibility of acquiring up to 10.000 lap times and up to 8 MB of data: RPM, temperature, speed and potentiometer, the fundamentals of data acquisition. This leads it to use the powerful free Race...

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  • AiM MyChron4 oval steering wheel Black

    MyChron4 Oval Steering Wheel. Engineered for oval kartingMyChron4 Oval Steering Wheel is the wheel designed and engineered for oval karting: with its wide diameter, it allows a perfect view of the track.In this steering wheel, MyChron4 is placed in the...

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  • AiM MyChron4 standard steering wheel

    AiM MyChron4 standard steering wheel

    The AIM Mychron 4 Steering Wheel is the only kart-specific steering wheel that places the Mychron 4 where it is supposed to be: Right in front of you! Constructed from an anodized aluminum frame covered with soft, chamois leather, the rugged and...

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