• Racetech Threaded Boss Kit

    Racetech Threaded Boss Kit

    Threaded insert kit. Allows Racetech seats without back-mounting capability to be retro-fitted. Most often used on RT4009 and RT4009HR series seats. Kit includes: 2x Harness guides 2x Threaded inserts 2x M8 bolts 2x...

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  • Racetech RTB2005C - Alloy Racetech RTB2005C - Alloy

    Racetech RTB2005C - Alloy

    RTB2005C Racetech aluminium clamps for back-mounting seats. Precision cut from a 20mm thick 5083 alloy sheet. Sold as a pair these clamps fix around a rollcage tube and bolt to the RTB2005B bracket. This allows you to...

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  • Racetech RTB2005B - Alloy

    Racetech RTB2005B - Alloy

    RTB2005B: Racetech 5mm aluminium (5083) bracket for back-mounting seats. This bracket bolts to the shoulder beam of Racetech 119 series seats and working in conjunction with RTB2005C clamps, allows you to fix the seat to the lateral...

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  • Racetech RTB1006B - Alloy

    Racetech RTB1006B - Alloy

    RTB1006B & RTB1006BW: Racetech 6mm aluminium bracket for back-mounting seats. To meet FIA 8862-2009, this bracket must be used with Racetech 129 series seats to attach the seat to the rollcage at shoulder height. The standard size...

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  • Racetech RTB1008M - Alloy

    Racetech RTB1008M - Alloy

    RTB1009M: Racetech mill-finish 5mm (5083 grade) aluminium bracket for side-mounting seats. Five slots and five holes provide plenty of height and tilt adjustment. Sold as a pair. Fits the following seat models: RT4009, RT4009W RT4009HR,...

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  • Racetech RTB1005M - Alloy

    Racetech RTB1005M - Alloy

    RTB1005M: Racetech milled aluminium bracket for side-mounting seats. Same shape as the RTB1003S but half the weight. 5mm thick 5083 alloy. Sold as a pair. Fits the following seat models: RT1000 RT4000W RT4000WX RTSaker (with...

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  • Racetech RTB1003S - Steel

    Racetech RTB1003S - Steel

    Racetech zinc-plated, 3mm steel brackets for side-mounting seats. Sold as a pair. These brackets are suitable for use with the following seat models: RT1000 RT4000W RT4000WX RTSaker (with modification) RTRoad RTRoadW...

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