• Racetech Side Cushion Set

    Racetech Side Cushion Set

    A pair of side cushions for Racetech 119 and 129 series seats. Velcro fixing to the sides of the seat to improve fitting for those with those with smaller hips and thighs. This pair makes a seat approximately 30mm narrower in the thigh...

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  • Racetech Wedge Cushion

    Racetech Wedge Cushion

    This wedge-shaped cushion fits underneath your standard base cushion to provide some extra lift behind the knees. Comes complete with velcro to secure it to your seat or another cushion.  Choose Standard size for HR, HRW or THR seats...

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  • Racetech Lumbar Cushion

    Racetech Lumbar Cushion

    Provides extra padding and support to the lumbar area of your back. Can be used as padding in other areas of the seat also. Comes with sewn-in, hook-side velcro strips for positioning on your race seat. Racetech logo in white embroidery.

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  • Racetech Kidney Cushion

    Racetech Kidney Cushion

    A pair of cushions, one for each kidney as a means of extra support and padding. Comes with Velcro on the back to position these in the optimal position on the seat. Embroidered Racetech logo in white and yellow is standard.

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  • Racetech Low Base Cushion Set

    Racetech Low Base Cushion Set

    The Racetech Low Base Cushion is 30mm thick and allows the driver to sit 15mm lower in the seat when compared to the standard base cushion. Designed for and compatible with 119 & 129 series seats. Standard width fits seat...

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