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AST Adjuster Extender Kit

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AST adjuster shaft extender kits are used to relocate the Rebound adjuster knobs on 4000 series shocks for easier access. This is helpful on certain cars when the top Rebound knob is hidden behind trunk liner carpet or is otherwise inaccessible. Usually you can cut some carpet out of the way to make access to the knob easier, but some users do not want to do that and instead use these extender shaft kits. These shafts come long and are "cut to length". Choose the desired length (of each shaft) from the drop down menu below. 

Installation is easy: The black coupler goes in place of the AST 4000 series Rebound knob, then the extender shaft goes onto the coupler, then the existing adjuster knob is attached to the top of the now lengthened shaft - as shown. Tighten the set screws with the included 2mm Allen wrench. These kits are commonly used on Subaru rear shocks to move the rebound adjuster above the rear package shelf (GC + GD) for easier access from the back seat area, or above the trunk floor on the GR (shown below). some BMW owners have used them for the rear shocks as well. 

Does not include new adjuster knobs - knobs are sold separately.

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Shown above for 2008+ Subaru STI Rear