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AST Bump Stop Kit

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This AST bump stop kit includes two bump stops to fit either 14mm or 22mm damper shafts and two appropriately sized AST aeration separators. These high quality bump stops will work on any strut or shock that uses a 14mm or 22mm shaft. The purpose of the aeration separators is to create an air gap underneath the bump stop so that when compressed, the bump stop will not push air past the shaft seal and into the damper body. Choose the desired bump stop size from the drop down menu below. 

AST 4000 series struts use 22mm shafts and AST 4000 series shocks use 14mm shafts. If you want to replace both the front and rear bump stops, you would need to order a 22mm bump stop kit and a 14mm bump stop kit. This kit includes two bump stops and two aeration separators.