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AST Remote Cable Adjuster Kit

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AST Remote Cable Adjusters are used to relocate the upper adjustment knobs on AST shocks for easier access. These cables can be bent and routed in fairly tight curves and still adjust. The outer sheath coaxial has a cable that runs inside and attaches to the adjuster rod in place of the original knob. The cable coupler is held in place by a set screw and installation is easy (see below.

UIsing these knobs is helpful on certain cars when the top Rebound knob is hidden behind trunk liner carpet or is otherwise inaccessible. Usually you can cut some carpet out of the way to make access to the knob easier, but some users do not want to do that and instead use these remote cable adjuster kits to route the knob around interior obstructions. These cables come in 200mm lengths and 400mm lengths only and are SOLD IN PAIRS. 

Includes new adjuster knobs. The old AST knobs cannot be reused as the cable adjuster shaft size is larger diameter.

Installation is easy: First the existing AST knob is removed via the set screw using a 2mm Allen wrench (which comes in all AST shock kits). Next the coupler end of the cable adjuster is slid over the adjuster rod in place of the old knob. Tighten the set screw with the 2mm Allen wrench. Route the cable new cable around the obstructions and that's it. The cable can be bent in multiple directions and still adjust freely. To keep the cable in place a zip tie or similar method can be loosely tied around the cable adjuster - do not cinch it down tight as this could impede adjustment feel. Shown below on a BMW E36 rear shock's rebound knob but can be used on virtually all AST shocks.

598694166-laxwt-l.jpg  598694421-vjs3x-l.jpg  598693532-v2oeb-l.jpg  598693826-4mrni-l.jpg  598694040-fbm3v-l.jpg

Step by step instructions - so easy a child could do it.