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AST-USA Rear Shock Mounts (BMW E30/36/46)

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AST-USA "Black" Spherical Rear Shock Mounts (RSMs) 

Available for pre order, will ship on september 17th or earlier

Some people are afraid to run spherical mounts at the rear shock mount locations of their BMWs. If you're running camber plates up front, you already are running sphericals! The important part of spherical mounts is that they are sized appropriately, they fit the shaft they are attached to properly, and they allow proper articulation at the rear shock mounting point. Rubber allows the proper articulation as well, but with added deformation you don't have with a spherical. Polyurethane RSMs do not articulate, and cause bind and unnecessary flexing of the rear shock mounts (which are prone to breakage when poly mounts are used). These AST-USA Spherical RSMs do the job and do it well. 

These rear shock mounts use the largest spherical bearing in any rear shock mount on the market. The spherical bearing location has been raised above the shock tower, to increase overall bump travel for your rear shocks. Spherical RSMs are great on dual-purpose street and track cars, or pure street cars with other track-worthy suspension mods. We have tested them for over 18 months on our cars before they went into production. They are silent, effective, have no slop and no bind.

These are designed to work with our AST coilover kit rear shocks with 14mm diameter main shafts that have a 10mm/M10 threaded upper shaft, but can work with 12mm/M12 threaded upper shafts as well. The mounting holes for the shock mount itself are made to fit the E30, E36/Z3 and E46/Z4 chassis. Please contact us about using these on other rear shock brands (some of which have thicker or thinner rear shock shafts).