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Lang Racing

BMW E46 4 Door Carbon Fiber Roof Panel

Regular price $1,450.00 USD
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We created a carbon fiber roof for our team race car to make our roll cage fabrication easier while also allowing us to save weight high up. Unlike our competitors we generally have a roof in stock, but even when we don't we can make one in 3 days. Why can we do this? Because when we take your order we can literally walk to our mold and start working on your roof.

We generally keep our standard design in stock ready to ship out. Our standard roof is composed of 4 layers of carbon fiber (no fiberglass fillers) with a divinycell core. We use plain weave because the tighter weave results in a stronger and stiffer part for this application. We only use structural epoxy resin which allows us to create a lighter weight part than our competitors with the same or better stiffness. We designed our roof to have greater stiffness than a BMW factory roof. Compared to the factory steel roof at 24lbs, our carbon fiber roof is 7lbs on average.

These roofs are hand laid in Irvine, California via resin infusion and ship straight to you from the same place they are laid up. They come trimmed and ready to mount. Mounting should be done by a professional body shop. It will require removing the front and rear glass from your car and reinstalling.


  • Full carbon composite construction by dry laid carbon and resin infusion

  • Two step curing process at elevated temperature allows for increased roof stiffness for its weight
  • OEM full replacement panel

  • Weighs 7 lbs or less, the lightest carbon fiber roof on the market

  • Typically ships in less than 4 business days from time of order