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BMW M50 M52 M54 S50 S52 S54 Dry Sump Oil Pan

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M50/ M52/ M54/ S50/ S52/ S54 Dry Sump Oil Pan

Our pan is a custom made low-profile aluminum unit, very strong yet light. Specifically engineered for dry-sump use, not just a modified stock pan. This pan comes with two threaded holes in the most commonly used orientation but has castings to thread more holes for running 4, 5 or 6 stage dry sump systems. When you buy form us we also include 2 screened fittings with AN fittings on them to plumb to your dry sump pump.

Most racers are aware of the advantages a dry sump system offers over conventional oil systems. In terms of horsepower, reliability and space, even the simplest systems offer improvements over the best wet sumps.

Thorough dyno testing and oil flow evaluation over the past 2 decades has allowed us to produce the most advanced oil sumps on the market.

In the beginning, we found that with even the best steel pans, there was as much as 3 quarts of oil in suspension throughout the engine. Further evaluation with clear bottomed pans confirmed our suspicion. The oil screens and scrapers were only doing half the job. Part of the problem was in design, and part, in the compromise of converting stock pans to dry sump pans.

The entire design needed a rethink. We believed the needed changes could only be accomplished with a casting, free of stock pan limitations.

We utilize aircraft alloy cast aluminum construction for it's inherent strength, vibration damping, and sealing abilities.