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Lang Racing

BMW S14 Racing Oil Pan with Extension and Baffling

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The BMW S14 engine has some flaws out of the box. On sweeping right hand corners the oil pan design will lead to oil starvation when driven on track. Our oil pan modification has been shown to solve this problem. We weld in an extension which not only allows oil to be supplied to the pump on these sustained right hand corners but also increases the oil capacity significantly helping to lower oil temperature. Oil capacity of the S14 is raised to about 7 quarts. We add a second baffle on the passenger side of the oil pan that helps keep oil at the oil pickup under left hand corners as well. In our experience racing this engine our modification allows us to run the car without any oil starvation until the oil level drops to 1 quart underfilled. We have AiM datalogger data to show this.

Purchasing this product requires that you send in a good S14 oil pan to be modified. This can be done on a core exchange basis after you receive the pan from us.