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BMW S54 ARP Head Stud Kit - 201-4303

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We've found these studs to significantly help reduce blown head gasket failures on both NA and forced induction S54's and use them on almost all of our rebuilds done in house.

Pro series cylinder head studs from ARP are cold-forged to ensure molecular integrity. They are heat-treated prior to thread rolling and machining and are rated at a whopping 220,000 psi. ARP Pro series kits are also available with 12-point nuts, and all kits come complete with hardened parallel washers for an even load distribution and accurate torque readings.

These studs are made from the best premium grade 8740 alloy rated far superior to "aircraft grade" Each stud is properly heat treated and centerless ground to make it as close as possible to perfectly concentric. These ARP studs will be the perfect finishing touch to any engine build, don't cut corners where it counts.