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Lang Racing

BMW S62 Engine - Remanufactured By Lang Racing - Core Required

Regular price $15,131.55 USD
Regular price Sale price $15,131.55 USD

This is our Lang Racing Development in house rebuilt S62 engine. Our engine comes with custom sleeves and custom designed CP pistons for your application at this price. This is a great choice for those with power adders like superchargers as we can choose a bore size that fits your needs as well as add in a set of custom designed Carrillo rods if necessary to handle the extra power. This package at this price will use stock rods and assumes all the rods in your supplied core can be reused. This engine doesn't typically suffer a rod bearing failure so we do not include a new oil pump at this price. If an oil pump is needed we will need to add ~$1200.00 to this price. All necessary hardware is replaced.

At the moment we are not shipping long blocks, we require the vehicle to be brought to our facility for engine removal and installation.

Labor Includes:

  • Block Inspection, Clean all Hardware and Internal Components
  • Measuring Main Bearing Clearance and Installing Crankshaft
  • Measuring Rod Bearing Clearance, Weight Matching/Balancing Rod and Piston Assembly
  • Measuring Piston to Bore Clearance
  • Measuring and Adjusting Piston Ring Gap
  • Piston and Rod Installation, Rod Bolts Torqued to Stretch
  • Installing Cylinder Heads
  • Installing VANOS Units and Setting Cam Timing
  • Installing Valve Covers and Oil Pan, Replacing all Gaskets

Parts Included:

  • Sleeved Block
  • CP Pistons to your custom specifications
  • New Main and Rod Bearings
  • New Timing Chain, Cam Chains, and Oil Pump Chain
  • New Oil Pump Chain Guide Rails and Timing Chain Guide Rails
  • Stage 1 S62 Cylinder Heads
  • VANOS Rebuild with Beisan Systems Components
  • All New Gaskets and O Rings