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Lang Racing

Carbon Fiber Underbody with Integrated Diffuser

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Our splitters provide great downforce but to really complete the package on a race car a true flat bottom with a diffuser is necessary. This is by far the most efficient way to produce downforce at the rear of the car while also reducing drag. A proper setup allows you to run less wing to achieve the same aerodynamic balance. Running this package necessitates running the exhaust out the side of the car and using an external differential cooler on a BMW. Our parts are 100% carbon fiber and epoxy with a structural foam core to add the required stiffness for this flat part. We use aircraft hardware to attach through the flat body to the car using custom T brackets. This leaves the airflow under the car completely undisturbed. Our system was designed to have absolutely no aerodynamic obstructions and no seems to disturb airflow. Our diffuser is integrated and the length of it can be cut down upon request. The angle we use is the standard 11 degree angle recommended by aerodynamic experts, anything greater than this angle would risk flow separation. We designed this part to work on almost any production car.

While we can make this part in multiple pieces so it can be bolted together, we highly recommend that it be used as one piece, this increases strength and promotes the best airflow under the car.

The width of this part is locked in at 41 inches.

The maximum length of the diffuser is 4 feet.

The maximum length of the flat bottom is 9 feet.

This leaves us with a maximum length of 13 feet.

Our flat bottom/diffuser is custom made to order, if you need slight variations of this part please call us and we can provide you a quote based on your requirements.

Strakes can be added to the diffuser as an option as well.