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Carrillo - S14 Connecting Rod (144mm) Set of 4

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Carrillo - BMW E30 M3 S14 Forged Connecting Rod

In 1963, Fred Carrillo set out to manufacture the finest Connecting rods available, and today, Carrillo is still a trusted leader in the field.
Forged from "Carrilloloy " a proprietary alloy blend of USA sourced ingredients; Carrillo's Rods start off different.
As a billet of Carrilloloy, they are worked into the specific forging using the latest technology, enabling Carrillo to dictate the grain flow they want to see for the ideal strength to weight ratio.
Each con rod is then heat treated, and subjected to rigorous material tests ensuring forgings are of the highest quality, with world class precision.

We work closely with the Pankle family of race products including Carrillo / CP Pistons. This ensure you optimal fit and fitness to your application including critical specifications like HP & Tq output, RPM, Stroke, Weight and more. Don't just take our word for it; Carrillo is found in winning race engines of all types around the world.


  • Greater cross sectional strength
  • Superior bolts - H-11 Steel (WMC) or Multiphase(CARR)
  • High quality materials
  • Arc Serration- not concentric to the bolt hole, allowing oil to escape during assembly and operation
  • Lighter design
  • Custom options (Pin End burnishing, ASF treatment to name a few)