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BMW F80 M3 F82 M4 Carrillo Rods S55 Engine

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The BMW S55 engine is has rods that are built to handle stock power. We've seen when power is pushed beyond stock with stage 2 turbos or other modifications the rods can bend. These Carrillo rods are designed for 1500 horsepower with the standard WMC bolt. With the upgrade to CARR bolts these rods can handle as much as 1800hp. Any S55 engine rebuild that will see above stock power levels would benefit greatly from the strength of these Carrillo rods.

CP-Carrillo has been building its image for many years and takes great pride in every rod that ships out the door. Because of this, each rod is thoroughly interrogated using a 3D software package, R&D programs and FEA Modeling.

Since 1963, Carrillo is recognized as the premier custom connecting rod manufacturer in the world. Carrillo has provided custom and prototype connecting rods to virtually every major automotive and motorcycle venue, most notably to the high performance and speed equipment industry. Whether it is a development engine or a modified existing engine, when nothing but the finest, most accurate, proven part is needed, Carrillo has earned the reputation of simply being the best.

Carrillo uses proprietary chrome, nickel, moly, vanadium alloy which meets all VAR (vacuum arc re-melt ASTM standards). The forging is validated, both by the supplier and an independent metallurgist whom confirm the desired physical and chemical properties of steel. All heat treat processes are via a mar-aged operation, resulting in UTS of 195,000 with a yield of 182,000 while maintaining the critical elements of low notch-sensitivity and ductility.

All Carrillo connecting rods are manufactured from an oversized forging resulting in the proper grainflow as well as the surface removal of any potential inclusions or surface conversions generated by the forging process. All critical CNC machines at Carrillo are equipped with probing to accurately validate dimensional integrity. In the production process each part is magnafluxed at least twice, further each piece is Rockwell tested to validate the heat treat procedure. A final shotpeen operation completes the part.

Carrillo has been working to improve the availability of their products to the entire motorsports industry. In an effort to allow more access to Carrillo’s unsurpassed attention to detail, exceptional processing, and proprietary materials, they increased their standard stocking inventory of parts.


  • Greater cross sectional strength
  • Superior bolts - H-11 Steel (WMC) or Multiphase (CARR)
  • High quality materials
  • Arc Serration- not concentric to the bolt hole, allowing oil to escape during assembly and operation
  • Lighter design
  • Custom options (Pin End burnishing, ASF treatment to name a few)