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CAT Cams

CAT Cam Coated Rocker Arm Kit For S54 BMW

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Product Details

This rocker arm kit consist of:

  • - 24x "CAT031" rocker arm, steel billet, coated
  • - 1x oil connector bridge
  • - rocker arms with 0.5mm oil jet hole towards the cam/follower contact area
  • - rocker arm shafts need to be drilled at each rocker arm (in the groove already present)
  • - rocker arm shafts need to be drilled at oil bridge connector (no need to make extra groove, connector has internal groove)
  • - intake rocker arm shaft needs front plug to close
  • - intake rocker arm shaft has no oil feed so an oil bridge is required to connect the intake/exhaust rocker arm shafts


  • - steel billet followers, hardened to 58HRC, 3x vacuum tempered and coated
  • - continuous oil jet from within the rocker arms
  • - head studs can still be accessed after removing the clips
  • - valve clearance can still be set following the factory procedure