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CP Pistons

CP Forged Piston Set (BMW N54)

Regular price $1,337.40 USD
Regular price Sale price $1,337.40 USD

After years of engine building and having seen and installed pistons from every major manufacturer on the planet, we feel that these are undoubtedly the best piston kits for your high performance or racing engine. These pistons and rings meet our most stringent expectations and are the finest available.
We stock a variety of compression ratios and can also supply you with custom piston applications quickly.

Don't see what you need or have a question? Give us a call or email and we can help with any custom kit need.

  • Come standard with CP Groove and Pin End Broach unlike our lower cost competitors
  • Made from the best forgings available for uncompromising reliability and performance
  • Made to the most accurate tolerances
  • Sold in matched and balanced sets of 6
  • Supplied with ultra high quality ring sets, piston pins, and locks

Tech Notes:

  • Anodized Ring land option adds 3-10 days to manufacturing time and can be recommended (but is not required) for high boost N54 engine builds.
  • Pistons are delivered 'first oversize'. Stock Bore is 84mm, so 84.5mm is the default size to allow for honing. If another size is needed, please request this.
  • What compression should you chose? Most tuners have found OE compression works extremely well up to around 600-700WHP with different fuel configuration

Expedited production services are available for applications not in stock; 2-3 week ($$) , 1-2 week ($$$), or 4 Day ($$$$).

Please place a request at the end of your order in the notes section if you would like this service. You won't be charged if your application is in stock.

Many pistons look alike, however; our CP Pistons use spot-on clearances, specification, dimensions, and metallurgy that are specifically engineered to perfect compatibility with each BMW application and engine technology, and tested in real world use.