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E30 M3 S14 276 degree Schrick Camshaft

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276-degree Performance Camshaft

This is the next step above the Evo 2/3 cams that we also sell and will produce greater top-end power with only slight loss in torque. This cam can be used on the intake side with a stock exhaust cam OR it can be used on the exhaust side with the 284-deg Schrick cam as the intake.

This item fits the following BMWs:
1988-1991 E30 BMW M3 - S14 engine

Schrick Technical Information / Specs


Part No. 227.D1.760-01C
Cam lift
(Valve lift)
I/E [mm]
Duration CRA
Peak Timing
Valve Timing CRA
32-64 64-32
Valve lift at TDC
I/E [mm]
Valve clearance
I/E [mm]
fat printed accessories are necessary,
other ones are recommended
Valve springs  | Valve spring retainer, accessories


  0013 02 064    | upper 0227 13 051

  0220 02 026    |  lower 0227 13 052


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