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Lang Racing

E46 Rear Subframe - RACP - Reinforcement Plates

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The E46 chassis commonly cracks and fails at the rear subframe mounting point area. As a result we have done preventative maintenance and post failure repair on over 100 cars in the last 5 years. This problem affects the M3, but also the 323, 325, and 330i coupes and sometimes sedans.

This is the rear subframe reinforcement plate we use in house for the work we do in house. Originally we hand made these plates but due to the demand we had them water jet cut which not only reduced cost but made the fitment much better. These plates are different from the majority of the plates on the market because of the size. They reach around the frame of the car and allow your fabricator to attach to more structural parts of the chassis and distribute the rear axle carrier loads over a larger area of the frame. We've seen many of the small style flat plate installs crack and need to be repaired later on down the road. While these take longer to install they are really the best solution if you are going to reinforce your subframe mounting mounts.

We install these plates locally in our Lake Forest, CA facility. For more information check out our blog on this process.