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E9x M3 NA E-Flash ECU Performance Software

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The ESS E-Flash MSS60 ECU software is a result of extensive road and track testing to optimize the calibration of ECU parameters and extract more performance on either a stock car or in combination with other modifications. Typical gains are a conservative +10-15hp and +10-12ft lbs of torque from software alone.

The ESS MSS60 E9x M3 software starts with the latest BMW factory operating system and is developed and tested in extreme heat in the Arizona desert as well as extreme cold temperatures in Scandinavia to ensure flawless performance under any condition imaginable.

With the E-Flash software, the end user can quickly switch between stock and upgraded software versions. Any future upgrades or modifications to the car can easily be accommodated through a corresponding tune that can be emailed instantly. This system is compatible with the latest tuner protected ECU software and does not require a backdating of the ECU software to be able to tune it.The ESS E-Flash also includes a full engine diagnostic functionality and code clearing capabilities.


  • ESS E-Flash remote tuning tool which locks to your specific car’s VIN
  • ESS E-Flash Software which allows for quick changes between stock and tuned maps and full ECU diagnostics
    • ESS E-Flash Software works on only Windows PCs
  • Reprogrammed ignition timing, VANOS, and fuel parameters for optimum performance
  • Reprogrammed torque management

Custom software built for your car:

( ) 8600 RPM limit (optional)
( ) Cold start cat heat cycle removal for smoother cold starts (not available for customers in California)

( ) Top speed governor removal
( ) Reprogrammed throttle response (optional)
( ) Specify all modifications to your car for a tune optimized for your setup
( ) Available for both US and European spec cars

Upon arrival of the ESS E-Flash hardware and software, select from the above list of optional features as well as specify all modifications to your car.Your car-specific program will be emailed to you directly from ESS.

This software enables you to quickly change between stock and tuned programs, such as custom files, street/race fuel files, and updates.You can also read and clear all OBD codes yourself. The ESS E-Flash system can also be used to load software for ESS supercharger systems should you ever decide to upgrade to one of these in the future.

Catless and high flow cat software is for off road use only, not available for customers in California.


Application intended for: E90 M3, E92 M3, E93 M3 from 2007-2013

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  • 4
    Awesome Tune!

    Posted by Rolando V on Apr 23rd 2019

    It has a been over a year since I have had this tune and it has been awesome. I have used my buddies cars that all have Gintani etc and the ESS just seems clean and to the point. Really wakes up my M3 which I am running with full catless X pipes. I bought this tune as I still plan on purchasing a supercharger in the future for this car and I wanted to get a gauge for the company and service. The service is top notch and you can use the tuner dongle to read codes on your OBD port. Only reason I give it 4 stars is that I wanted the burble tune and AJ noted in a email that he would be able to provide a burble tune. I got several files that put my car in limp mode as they were just tests and the issue never resolved. A year later and living in California I outgrew the idea of burbles but the issue was never resolved. All in all great company and tune!

  • 5

    Posted by Benjamin Hartle on Nov 15th 2016

    I purchased the software from ess with a view to next year upgrading to the supercharger system.I'm please to say the custom map they did for my car has far exceeded my expectations and is absolutely fantastic.Very pleased I decided to go with these guys and really looking forward to working with them more next year with one of their supercharges set ups. I would highly recommend these guys and already have to a few fellow BMW owners over here in the U.K. Thank you ESS

  • 5
    Best available option for the E9x

    Posted by Ben on Feb 9th 2016

    I researched almost every tune that you could run on the E9x chassis. Having come from a S2000, I was almost expecting a stand-alone type EMS for the E9x but was sadly mistaken. However, as for the current tuning market; ESS is as good as it gets. Almost EVERY other company charges you for an additional tune. Since I live in CA, and smog is an issue; I was looking to go for a route that would afford me the opportunity to run a test-pipe tune without having to pay extra (and that extra runs $200-500+!). ESS was the only company would wouldn't charge me extra for a test pipe tune in the future. Their customer service and tuning emails all came within 24 hours. Something I didn't get from 90% of the other companies. Not only that, the questions about my tune were answered just as quickly. A lot of people won't take into account the customer service side of things until they need it. Then, when something happens and you need support is when you realize that mistake. You won't need to worry about that with ESS. My first experience with them and I couldn't be happier. As for the tune; in all my research, ESS was at the top again. MotoIQ's Billy Johnson did a tune and posted the dyno results and they speak for themselves. My car feels MUCH better driving in the lower end of the power band. The throttle response is much better. The only downside is the slight dip in gas mileage (about 1-2 mpg difference for the freeway); but having come from multiple tunes in my S2000, it's nothing surprising (especially since they warn you about the first 100 miles and the ECU learning the car with a new map). I'd recommend ESS to anyone and I will definitely be using more of their products in the future. Thanks again ESS!