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E9X M3 Schrick Camshaft Set (284 Degree) for E90/E92 M3

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These are the same cams used by many high-end German tuners who are achieving sizeable gains on the BMW M3 V8. For the power-hungry, these cams are a great way to achieve a linear increase in horsepower from mid-range all the way to redline.

This is one full set of Schrick cam shafts, 4 cams total, for the S65 V8 M3 engine. These cams are the 284 degree version, and includes two intake cams and two exhaust cams. Professional installation is a must due to the complexity of the dual vanos V8 motor.

Qty Part # Description
1 0485E1841-L0 Intake Cam (left) 284°/132-74°/12.0mm/0.15-6.72mm
1 0485E1841-R0 Intake Cam (right) 284°/132-74°/12.0mm/0.15-6.72mm
1 0485A1841-L0 Exhaust Cam (left) 284°/134-86°/12.0mm/0.17-5.05mm
1 0485A1841-R0 Exhaust Cam (right) 284°/134-86°/12.0mm/0.17-5.05mm


These 284 Degree Schrick Cams fit the following BMWs:
2008+ E90 M3 sedan
2008+ E92 M3 coupe
2008+ E93 M3 convertible