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Gen.5 Camaro SS Intercooled Supercharger (Tuner Kit)

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With over 22 years of producing and tuning state-of-the-art supercharger systems for a variety of platforms, ESS knows a thing or two about forced induction system design and integration. We've now taken our expertise into the American domestic market by designing a complete bolt-on supercharger system for the 5th generation Camaro SS.

This system uses the renowned Vortech V3Si supercharger for proven performance and unparalleled reliability. A massive air to air intercooler keeps temperatures down while an innovative reverse-tension belt-drive system ensure optimal belt grip even during extreme racing conditions for extended periods. All of this comes along with an extremely robust, industry-leading bracket design, a complete fuel system including the latest generation Siemens Deka 880cc direct fit fuel injectors for unmatched overall performance and driveability, and a complete installation kit with all the hoses and hardware you'll need makes it the best complete kit on the market today.

If that's not enough, the supercharger system was designed to support a Vortech V7YSi supercharger that can be swapped straight in for power potential up to 1400HP with supporting engine and fuel system upgrades. The main bracket system, belt-drive system and intercooler/SC induction system were designed with extreme power in mind straight out of the box. 


  • V-3 Si Vortech Supercharger
  • Massive Air to Air Intercooler
  • 10-Rib Reverse Tension Belt-drive System
  • (3) 10-Rib Idler Pulleys Made from Hard Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum.
  • 105mm LS3 Supercharger Pulley Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum and Hard-Anodized in a Matte Black Finish (custom sizing available on request)
  • 200mm ESS Crank Pulley Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum and Hard-Anodized in a Matte Black Finish
  • Fluidampr Harmonic Balancer
  • K&N High-Flow Air Filter
  • Vortech MaxFlow Bypass Valve
  • Innovative Reverse Tensioning Belt System
  • CNC'd Industry-leading Robust Bracket Design Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum and Hard-Anodized in a Matte Black Finish
  • LS3 Crank Pin Kit Gen III
  • PCV 1-Way Valve System
  • CCV Kit
  • Complete Form Fit Silicone Intercooler Hoses Throughout.
  • Complete Hardware Installation Kit (w/all necessary bolts, spacers, and nuts)
  • ESS Custom Windshield Wiper Washer Fluid Reservoir and Relocation Kit. 

Additional Information: 

This kit is completely bolt-on and requires no custom fabrication.  Comes with a custom windshield wiper fluid reservoir which allows you to maintain that functionality instead of completely removing it.  Also, the kit comes with bracket adapters and all necessary hardware which allows for easy swapping between all 5th Gen model years (10-15). 

Standard tuner kits are supplied with either 110mm (7.5PSI) 105mm (8.5PSI or 95mm (11-12PSI) pulleys at no extra charge. Custom sizing is available on request.

The selection of Vortech V7ysi means the supercharger will require external oil supply and drain, this is NOT provided in the kit and must be sourced custom.

Install Time: 8-10 hours, Vortech V7YSi option requires external oil supply and drain which will add 2-3H of labor.