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Hotbits Coilovers for BMW E39 - 520/523/528/530 Year 1996-2003

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DT1 Coilover

Hotbits DT1 coilover is a revolutionary product which brings an affordable, fully serviceable, higher performance coil over system to the market. The DT1 offers the performance-oriented driver the ability to fine-tune a vehicles suspension characteristics to better suit his or her individual driving style. Aside from ride height adjustment the DT1 provides the user with a staggering 35-step external damping adjustment. This one way valve allows the simultaneous fine adjustment of compression and rebound adjustment. Most entry level adjustable dampers only adjust rebound.

Damper adjustments are easily accessible while installed making track side adjustments a snap.The DT1 uses standard 60mm coil springs meaning spring rates and lengths can be easily changed to meet different requirements.


  • Oversized 58mm struts and 52mm shock bodies
  • High-pressure mono-tube shock design with 46mm shock piston diameter
  • Motorcross grade seals
  • Up to 40-step damping adjustment
  • Superior grade CNC cold wound chrome silicon coil springs

DT1 is available for Street, Race, Rally, and Drift applications and spring rates are fully customizable upon request.

DT2 Coilover

The Hotbits flagship DT2 series is a cutting edge coil over shock design at an affordable price. The two-way valve system permits easy and independent adjustment of compression and rebound damping rates while installed.

In addition to all the features included in the DT1 the DT2 system includes 40-step rebound adjustment (up to 80% change) and 30-step compression adjustment (up to 50% change). The DT2 includes 2 separate knobs to adjust rebound and compression independently.

RSI Series

The new Hot Bits RSI Inverted struts are mono-tube gas shocks with 46mm pistons. They include a heavy duty 68mm diameter bottom fitting and big 52mm chrome inverted shock tube for additional strength. They also have a 58mm strut housing for increased rigidity. For ease of installation and adjustability long external canisters are provided. These canisters also provide optimum gas volume and extra oil volume and shock stroke required to meet the demands of competition.

The RSI damper includes 2-way damping adjustment with 35 clicks compression and 40 clicks for rebound as well as heavy duty Hot Bits top pivot steel bearing mounts and camber plates. Similar to the DT1 and DT2 this coil over is fully serviceable and tunable and includes Hot Bits cold wound chrome silizium coil springs.

Available in Race, Rally, and Drifting specifications.