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King Racing Main Bearing Set BMW S54 - .025mm .001" Undersized

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We've found this bearing to be a cost effective alternative to the Genuine BMW Main Bearings we also carry. On the S54 engine these bearings produce a clearance of .002". These bearings include the pMaxKote coating which is a factory applied nano composite polymer coating formulated especially for pMaxBlack overlays. pMaxKote provides excellent wear and cavitation resistance while protecting bearing surfaces during periods of oil starvation and minimum oil film thickness.  pMaxKote is applied with no added wall thickness therefore not altering oil clearances.

When you need the best, you go to a specialist, and for the best bearings, you see King Engine Bearings. King focuses on one product--bearings--and nothing else. Their innovative, race-only Xtreme Performance tri-lecular main bearings are proven track-tough to handle the ground-shaking power of your race engine. Built with enhanced tri-metal, these XP-Series main bearings layer copper lead construction with a nickel plate barrier and a lead/tin/copper babbit overlay over a steel backing in an adhesion process that provides superior stability and durability. King's advanced control measures hit a bull's-eye, maintaining wall thickness tolerances far tighter than their competitors--an amazing +/- .0001 in.! These XP-Series main bearings are narrowed for large radii crankshafts and feature enlarged, chamfered oil holes with 3/4 grooving for improved oiling. How many reasons do you need to use a specialist? King XP-Series main bearings deliver consistent and reliable performance with a high-load capacity, and the prognosis from the specialists is a long and happy life for your engine.