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Lang Racing - Carrillo Rod Bolt Kit for BMW E9X M3 S65

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We were unable to find an economical rod bolt replacement solution for the S65 engine so we contacted Carrillo and asked them to help us design a rod bolt that would be up to par with what we have come to expect from Carrillo in terms of strength and quality.

Carrillo came through with the WMC bolt which is the standard H-11 steel rod bolt that comes in all Carrillo rods and is comparable in strength to an ARP L-19 bolt. The WMC bolt is superior to a typical ARP 2000 bolt with an ultimate tensile strength of 260,000 psi. These kits ship with Carrillo bolt lube to be used during installation.

We've done some rigorous in house testing to ensure that these bolts are well within their stretch specifications when installed in the stock S65 rods. These bolts are reusable because they are not torque to yield bolts like the stock bolts. They also make rod bearing replacement a faster, simpler job.

If you're considering the ARP bolts, why spend more for an equivalent product?

Installation Instructions:

The WMC rod bolts should be torqued to 55ft/lbs using the Carrillo bolt lubricant. Do not use the BMW torque procedure, because the WMC bolts do not stretch as much as the factory bolts you will overtorque and yield the Carrillo bolts using the factory angle torque method. We've determined that this torque will stretch the bolts within the Carrillo specifications while also achieving a round bore. Although the factory rod does not have a through hole to measure rod bolt stretch we did in house testing using a similar rod as a fixture to be certain that the WMC fastener was not being overstretched.

These kits are typically kept in stock here in Irvine and are ready to ship out same day.

Models Supported:
2008-2013 BMW E9X M3