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Lang Racing

Lang Racing Dry Sump Kit - BMW E46 M3 Z3M Z4M S54 Engine

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The Lang Racing Development S54 dry sump kit is the culmination of over 3 years in development and testing. The S54 struggles with oiling issues due to the high oil volume requirements for this engine. We partnered with ARE to create a custom dry sump pump that would meet the engines demands while still fitting the tight space requirements we had. By finding the perfect combination of pressure and scavenge stage sizes as well as drive speed we were able to create a system that develops good oil pressure and volume and eliminating the oiling related failures the S54 engine is known for. Increased oil pressure and volume increases bearing life and provides much needed lubrication to the rocker arms and camshafts to keep them cool and prevent rocker arm failures.

Our system benefits from being the newest available. We took a look at the other available systems and thought they both cost too much and weren't designed how we wanted them. We set out to make this system cost effective. Our system works with the stock oil filter housing eliminating the need to purchase several unnecessary components other systems require. This saves on overall cost.

The ARE pump we chose uses shims to tension the belt. This makes it impossible for the drive belt tensioner to slip and cause a belt to be lost. We also knew we wanted a one piece hub to ensure that the pieces couldn't loosen and cause belt slippage. While this cost more we thought it was the only proper way to make a dry sump system for this engine. We also wanted our system to use the stock harmonic balancer as its base. We wanted this because we had successfully spun this engine to 8700rpm with the stock balancer and never had problems. Using the stock balancer is another way we were able to keep the overall cost of the kit down.

Our kit does all the things a good dry sump system does:

  • Creating vacuum at high RPM reduces friction and allows for horsepower gains
  • Provides a constant supply of oil to the dry sump pump despite cornering, braking, and accelerating
  • Provides increased oil capacity for more stable oil temperatures even during long stints
  • Allows the engine to me remounted to a lower position for better center of gravity

This kit includes:

  • Custom designed ARE Dry Sump Pump w/ Drive Pulley and Belt Guides
  • All Dry Sump Fittings
  • Oil Filter Housing Input adapter for S54 Oil Filter Housing
  • Dry Sump Pump Mount, shims, and hardware
  • Custom CNC'd and Hard Anodized Dry Sump Pulley w/ Belt Guides
  • (2) Dry Sump Belts
  • Lang Racing E-mail and Phone Support for Installation and Setup