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Lang Racing Stage 2 S63T High Performance Engine F10 M5, F12 F13 F06 M6

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The S63T is a great platform for making some huge power. Unfortunately from the factory it comes with a couple weaknesses we address in our Stage 2 long block build. Starting with the block we implement our flanged sleeves. We've found this greatly reduces piston to cylinder wall failure under heavier loads. This sleeved block is mated with CP Pistons with 9.5 CR. The reduced compression ratio allows us to run increased boost without having to cut down ignition timing significantly. This results in much better power at high boost levels. We also add Carrillo rods designed to handle large amounts of power. This Stage 2 engine comes with a modified crankshaft with wider rod bearings and a matching of custom designed Carrillo rods. This increases rod bearing life under high loads.

With this modified bottom end it's critical to re-balance the crankshaft. We balance each S63T engine for the exact piston and rod combination used ensuring safe operation at redline. Genuine BMW main bearings are used and sized properly using the data on the crankshaft and block. This produces nearly identical main bearing clearance from journal to journal and reduces rotating friction.

This strengthened bottom end is mated to our S63T Stage 2 Cylinder heads that come with our 5 angle valve job, resurface, new valve guide seals, and a pressure test. These Stage 2 cylinder heads are also ported and polished for additional air flow. In addition we modify the S63T camshafts for increased lift on the mechanical fuel pump to add more fuel volume. Naturally all of our S63T engines come with a new oil pump, new gaskets and o rings, and all new hardware where needed.

Upgrades are always available on our engine builds so please contact us about DLC wrist pins, low friction skirt coating, ceramic piston top coating, CARR rod bolts, and other upgrades.