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Moton Adjustable Motorsport Damper Package

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Moton suspensions are used on the world’s most-advanced sports and touring cars and are available to club racers and professional motorsport teams alike. Moton shock absorbers are available in two styles: Club Sport for weekend track/DE cars and Motorsport for all-out racers. Moton's innovative designs and cutting-edge engineering are exactly what racers look for when choosing a racing-style suspension.

TMS includes in each set of Moton dampers everything you need to install, setup, and win with a Moton suspension: 2 front struts, 2 rear shocks, spring seats and hardware, double-shear rear shock mounts, front camber plates, and a set of H&R 60mm race springs. We set the springs up around YOUR preferences and our goal is to give you the best handling car the first time you get behind the wheel.

The Moton Motorsport shocks are available in three configurations:

  • Double-Adjustable: rebound + compression
  • Triple-Adjustable: rebound + low speed compression + high-speed compression
  • Quadruple-Adjustable: low speed compression + high speed compression + low speed rebound + high speed rebound

Adjustments can be made to any combination via knobs on the piston rod and/or reservoir. Each strut/shock body is constructed of steel or aluminum and the piston shafts are induction hardened and chrome-plated. Moton Motorsport dampers feature all of the technology and engineering needed to win in major sprint and endurance races around the world.

Moton Suspension Packages include:

  • 1 set of Moton Motorsport dampers (front and rear)
  • front camber plates (depending on model)
  • double-shear rear shock mounts
  • H&R 60mm spring set (front and rear) with your choice of spring rates
  • 60mm spring seats and hardware
  • H&R rear ride height adjusters (coil over rear shocks and spring seats included)
BMW Application 2-Way Adjustable 3-Way Adjustable 4-Way Adjustable
E30 all – 318/325/M3 86-91 $6949.00 $8799.00 $13,283.00
E36 all – 325/328/M3 92-99 $6849.00 $8600.00 $13,153.00
E46 all – 325/328/330/M3 99-06 $7199.00 $8938.00 $13,538.00
E90 all – 325/328/330/335/M3 06-up $7299.00 $9087.00 $13.578.00
E92 all – 325/328/330/335/M3 07-up $6899.00 $8679.00 $13,182.00
Z3 all – Z3 2.3/2.8/3.0/MZ3 $6600.00 $8278.00 $12,838.00
Z4 all – Z4 2.5/3.0/Z4 M $6600.00 $8278.00 $12,838.00