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N52B30 ESS E-Flash ECU Performance Software

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ESS N52B30 ESS E-Flash Performance ECU software is a result of extensive testing and exact calibration of ECU parameters to allow considerable performance gains on an otherwise stock car. The ESS N52B30 performance software is developed and tested in extreme heat in the Arizona desert as well as extreme cold temperatures in Scandinavia. The ESS performance software has updated throttle control, vanos, valvetronic, ign timing, AFR programming and improves overall engine response and performance.

Power rating :

x25i 3.0 215/218hp models : +13HP, 17ft/lbs
x28i 230hp models : +10HP, 14ft/lbs
x30i 255/258hp models : +6HP, 8ft/lbs
x30i 272hp models : +3HP, 5ft/lbs

When ordering this product you will receive 1 ESS E-Flash OBD2 programming system which will VIN lock to your car.

This system can be used to program between stock and tuned, and it can also be used to load custom files/race fuel files/updates received from ESS over email. The ESS E-Flash system also includes full engine diagnostic and code clearing functionality.


Part number: 101-104
Top Speed Governor: Removed
Fuel requirement: 91US/95Euro and above