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Lang Racing

Rebuilt S54 Engine Long Block

Regular price $13,217.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $13,217.00 USD

This engine is the most popular racing engine for BMW powered cars in club racing right now and we use them in several cars. This long block assembly meets our stringent requirements for our own race cars and is the perfect solution to replace your worn out S54. Drawing on our experience racing these engines and seeing their common problems and failures we go through your supplied core engine and replace all wear items. We also remove the cylinder head and have it replaned, dissassembled, cleaned, inspected, do our Stage 1 cylinder head 5 angle valve job with new seals and do a proper reinstallation. From there we will do a valve adjustment with the engine on the stand and reseal the valve cover. We also give your VANOS a full Beisan Systems treatment.

Our engines are guaranteed to pass leakdown tests with less than 3% on all cylinders, most often cylinders will be at 1-2% leakdown on all cylinders when tested at our facility before being sent out.

What's Included:

  • Genuine BMW rod bolts, rod bearings, main bearings, main bolts, head gasket set and main engine gasket set including all O rings and seals, and all timing chain and oil pump guide rails.
  • Brand New Genuine BMW Oil Pump - Not Rebuilt
  • Beisan Systems: Modified Oil Pump Disk, VANOS Seals, VANOS Plate Seals, Rebuilt Solenoid Pack
  • Our Stage 1 Performance Cylinder Head
  • Brand New CP Pistons at 11.5 CR and 87.25mm or 87.5mm bore depending on your engine condition
  • Boring and Honing block cylinder walls as necessary, Hot Tank Cleaning, Block Head Resurfacing
  • All Labor - 6 Month/20k Mile Warranty
  • A core engine is required

This is one of our most basic engine packages, if you need a rebuild and have something special in mind please contact us for a detailed quote for your specific application.

We no longer ship long blocks, we require the vehicle to be brought to our facility for engine removal and installation.