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Rebuilt S54 Engine Long Block - Stage 1

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Wide Bearing Upgrade
Dry Sump Upgrade

The Stage 1 S54 Engine Rebuild by Lang Racing Development is an excellent option for someone who has experienced engine failure and is looking for a cost effective dealership alternative. This engine rebuild consists of a complete teardown and detailed assembly of the engine. The majority of the S54 engines brought to us have experienced rod bearing failure resulting in particles of metal passing through the engine. Depending on the intensity of your engine failure, we will assess whether your parts (engine block, crankshaft, rods, etc.) will be eligible for a rebuild/core upon disassembly and notify you before assembly begins. 

Once parts condition has been determined, the engine block, cylinder head, and crankshaft will be sent to machining:

  • For a Stage 1 S54, the block will be bored and honed to 87.25mm. On the S54, 87.25mm is our go to size because this leaves enough material between the cylinder walls to be bored and honed again for a second rebuild on the same block in the far future. Reputable piston manufacturing companies, Mahle and CP, both offer pistons sized for 87.25mm bore which is what we use on the S54 Engines. The block will also be decked to ensure a flat mating surface between the block and cylinder head. As part of the machining process, the block will be cleaned in a hot tank.

  • The cylinder head machining process is similar to that of any standard head job. This includes complete disassembly & cleaning, leak, crack, and pressure test, five angle valve job, new valve seals, resurfacing mating surface, and chamfering related areas.

  • We expect to repair at least one rod journal on the crankshaft at minimum if the core supplied is a spun bearing engine core. Before any repair has taken place, the crankshaft is magnafluxed to inspect for any cracks not easily visible to the naked eye before investing time into what would have been a junk crankshaft. Once the crankshaft is inspected for cracks and checked out OK, journal repair begins and consists of welding the related area(s) for repair and grinding them down to nominal dimensions. Each crankshaft is  heat treated, nitrided, balanced, polished and straightened. 

Once we have parts back from the machine shop and the ordered parts have arrived for your build, we will then start the assembly process. All engines are blueprinted with related parts and clearances. For the short block part of the Stage 1 build, you will receive new pistons with wrist pins and rings, reused rods, reused crankshaft, new main bearings, new rod bearings, and a new oil pump. Moving on to the top end, your camshafts will be reused and the Vanos system will be rebuilt, another common failure point aside from the rod bearings. We use Vanos items sold by Beisan Systems which includes: Vanos Seals Repair Kit, Vanos Sealing Plate Repair Kit, Vanos Rattle Repair Kit, Vanos Oil Pump Disk, Upper Tensioning Rail, and Rebuilt Vanos Solenoid Coil Pack. Depending on the condition of your exhaust sprocket hub, a core charge may be applied to a broken exhaust sprocket hub on your engine (See image). In the past we have seen failures in the factory camshaft gear bolts that would either shear or back out resulting in an engine to lose timing and bend valves. Lang Racing Development offers a solution to this problem which is a higher grade allen head bolt (12.9) and hex bolt (10.9). After the Vanos Unit has been rebuilt, we will set the timing on the engine and do the valve adjustment. Throughout this whole process, engine consumables will be replaced with new parts such as gaskets, o-rings, timing and oil pump chains, chain guide rails, and one time use bolts. When your engine is near completion, we will notify you in order to plan the shipping or pick up process. All engines shipped out from our Lake Forest location will be sent in a 36”x36”x36” U-Line Box and $400 shipping charge (for locations within the continental US) which will then be applied to the invoice (this does not apply for customers who plan on picking up the engine).  

Included in your Engine Rebuild

  • Mahle or CP Piston set (new pistons, rings, circlips, and wrist pins)
  • Reused, inspected, and balanced set of rods
  • Refurbished crankshaft
  • ACL or BMW Main Bearings
  • ACL Rod Bearings
  • New BMW Oil Pump
  • Beisan Systems Parts
  • LRD Cam Gear Bolt Kit
  • New gaskets and o-rings
  • New Chains
  • New Chain guides

Optional Upgrades

  • S54 Rod Bearing Journal Widening Kit Including Crankshaft Journal Modification
  • Dry Sump Oil System Upgrade including Oil Pan


We always have plenty of engine builds going on at the shop and need to keep many parts organized. In an attempt to keep unnecessary parts related to the engine rebuild service from taking up space, we ask that you remove accessories from the engine. Please see the images of our completed engines for details on what components to leave off when shipping us your engine.

All while your block, head, and crankshaft are being machined, parts cleaning will take place at the same time. We spend plenty of time washing hardware, oil pans, valve covers, etc. and take pride in doing so.