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Lang Racing

Redline Engine Management System for BMW E30 M3 S14 Engine

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We have diligently worked with Redline over the last year to create a plug and play standalone engine management system for the BMW S14 engine. Our kit is easy to install and includes a complete wiring harness to complete the installation neatly and easily. We include a custom made TPS sensor bracket and TPS sensor with our kit as well as BMW OEM water temperature and air temperature sensors. Our kit requires the addition of a crank pulley mounted sensor and we include a mounting bracket which attaches to the water pump as well as a custom machined crank pulley with the trigger wheel machined into the back pulley. Air conditioning can still be run if necessary. The Redline ECU comes pre-loaded with a base map that will get the car started until it can be fully tuned. Our innovative software can tune the engine for Alpha N or MAP or a mixture of both. This kit takes the headache out of setting up a standalone EMS without the high prices typically seen on kits of this quality. Our base kit includes 4 individual coil packs with standoffs that can be easily mounted on the valve cover or in another location. This kit runs waste spark ignition but can be upgraded to fully sequential injection with the addition of a cam sensor (for which there is a provision). The ECU is CAN compatible using Bosch MS3 and can easily be configured to run with the very popular AIM datalogging systems and dash displays. Using the top of the line Redline 882c ECU means this system is future proof and can be expanded with up to 4 total general purpose outputs (GPO)s to run boost controller, electric water pumps, or additional fuel pumps. The kit includes a power junction box with complete instructions on how to wire the fuel pump, power to ecu, electric fan, ignition coils, and fuel injectors. Complete instructions are included in the kit to make setup and installation easy.