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Redline Lab Quality Wideband & EGT Controller

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After years of testing and working with various wideband controllers, none of them quite gave us exactly what we needed, as reliably as we needed. So we set out to develop our very own clean-sheet design. It had to be lab quality - reliable, accurate, simple to use and it had to be done right without cutting any corners.

Our control unit conforms strictly to Bosch's very own specifications for sensor control, response, and atmospheric compensation, something you'd be hard pressed to find in almost any other aftermarket units out there. Our 'Stage II' wideband controller, as per Bosch protocol, incorporates a very accurate on-board barometric sensor to automatically compensate the sensor readings dependent on the atmospheric conditions real time, no need to 'free air calibrate' the unit to adjust for varying levels of O2 content.  The Stage I version of the unit can do this as well when coupled to a C level Redline ECU on the CAN bus.

The Stage II level unit also includes a precision thermocouple input to log EGT conditions via your Redline ECU, through a connected computer, or through a 0-5v output from the unit directly.


  •     LSU 4.2 Sensor support
  •     Lab Quality accuracy and sensor control
  •     Barometric pressure compensation (Stage II only, Stage I when connected to a Redline Stage C ECU)
  •     EGT Probe input with 0-5v analog output (Stage II only)
  •     2 fully programmable 0-5v analog outputs for AFR gauges, stock, or aftermarket ECU interface, etc.
  •     CAN Bus Interface, allows chaining of up to 10 units, with full data logging ability from one master unit. Direct CAN interface with Redline ECU's providing direct digital O2 and EGT sensor data.
  •     USB port to easily connect to a PC for configuration and logging
  •     CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum case with integral mounting tabs
  •     23 pin AMP SEAL automotive grade connector
  •     Harness includes automotive grade wire, braided covering with heat shrunk connections, AMP SEAL connector

Package Includes

  •     Redline Wideband Controller in billet aluminum case.
  •     LSU 4.2 Wideband Sensor (optional)
  •     6' Harness with O2 Senor connector, EGT Connector, and WB Controller connector pre-terminated