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Lang Racing

Redline Stage Ib ECU

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The Stage Ib ECU is a fuel and distributor ignition control unit with 6 PWM drivers and 1 ignition driver that can be configured in the following ways: 6 injectors for 6-cyl. sequential or 12 cyl. semi-sequential and distributor ignition (No GPOs) 5 injectors and 1 GPO for 5-cyl sequential with distributor ignition 4 injectors and 1 GPOs for 4 cyl. sequential or 8-cyl. semi-sequential with distributor ignition 3 Injectors semi-sequentially with 1 GPO drivers for 6 cylinder with distributor ignition Inputs to the Stage Ib ECU are TPS, Coolant Temp, Air Temp, O2, 0-5v Auxiliary input, built in MAP and RPM.The Stage Ib ECU is fully upgradable to Ic spec with a simple softare flash for future options and development of the engine control system.