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Lang Racing

Redline Stage Ic ECU

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The Stage Ic ECU is a fuel and ignition control unit with 6 drivers that can be configured in the following ways: 4 injectors and 2 GPOs for 4 cyl. sequential and waste spark distributorless ignition 2 Injectors sequentially with 2 GPO drivers for 2-cyl sequential and direct fire, coil-on-plug ignition Also consider using the Stage Ic to run crank based distributor applications such as the Audi I5 Turbo, VW VR6 and any application requiring highly acurate distributor control. Inputs to the Stage Ic ECU are TPS, Coolant Temp, Air Temp, O2, 0-5v Auxiliary input, built in MAP and RPM (via VR or Hall sensor).The Stage Ic also features a dual stage rev-limiter, turbo-anti-lag and many other features.