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Rod Bearing Service Kit - BMW S65 E90 E92 M3

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We have put together a rod bearing service package based on our experience of what works in our shop. This kit includes our well known ACL rod bearing package with custom sizing to give .0005" additional clearance over stock rod bearings. We've included Genuine BMW rod bolts, an oil pan gasket, engine mounts, oil level sensor o ring, and an oil filter kit to get this job done right. There are so many choices out there when it comes to what parts to use when doing your own rod bearing service and we wanted to take some of the guess work out of it. We suggest this package to each and every customer that comes to our shop for rod bearing service and most of our customers trust our expertise. We've had great success with this package over the last few years. We added engine mounts to this package as we have found that the S65 in the E92 and E90 M3 is particularly hard on engine mounts and most cars require an engine mount replacement at about the same interval that they require rod bearings.

Our suggestion is to replace rod bearings approximately every 70k miles.

Kit Includes:

  • Custom Sized ACL Rod Bearing Kit w/ .0005" Additional Clearance
  • Genuine BMW Rod Bolts
  • Oil Pan Gasket
  • Oil Level Sensor O Ring
  • (2) Corteco Engine Mounts
  • 4 oz Redline Assembly Lubricant
  • Oil Filter Kit

Recommend 10 Liters of LIQUI Moly 10w-60 Oil