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S14 Carbon Airbox (E30 M3 / 2002 M2)

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The S14 Carbon Airbox is made of 100% carbon fiber including the internal intake runners. This is the large version DTM type plenum with > 15l capacity and long runners. Intake runner geometries are available to work with 46, 48, 49 and 50 mm throttle bodies. There is also a special version for 50 mm S38 (M5) throttle bodies which incorporates a special mounting flange integrated into the airbox. The airbox is to be used in conjunction with an Alpha N type of engine management. A CF snorkel matching the particular airbox version is included (except in the case of a 2002 M2, where a snorkel is not used). An installation kit with all necessary hoses, brackets, clamps, splices, throttle cable bracket, etc. is included. It is possible to operate this airbox with a stock ICV (idle control valve), oil separator, and stock master brake cylinder/power booster. If you have a single master cylinder, then you need the brake reservoir relocation kit. If you have a dual master cylinder setup (race car), then you do not need the relocation kit. The airbox is available for fitment with an external air-filter, via an optional CF air filter housing. Note, that the optional air filter housing is only available for non-AC cars. If you have an AC equipped car, then you need to use an alternative air filter. The crankcase ventilation hose from the oil separator can be attached to one of the air ports on the bottom of the airbox. Alternatively, you can block the air port and install a breather filter on the oil separator breather hose. If you wish to delete the oil separator altogether, then you can use the optional crankcase ventilation catch tank. The airbox utilizes tuned intake runners and larger plenum volume (Helmholtz resonance) to effect a power gain. The engine will have a more aggressive intake note and a better throttle response. The airbox works particularly well with uprated cams. The S14 CF airbox is available for E30 M3, 2002 M2, or any other chassis powered by an S14 engine.