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S14 Carbon Replica Plenum (E30 M3 / 2002 M2)

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The S14 carbon replica plenum is made of 100% carbon fiber and weighs in at only 1.5 kg. The very low weight of this CF plenum results in reduced stress on the rubber intake blocks located between the throttle bodies and cylinder head. The plenum support is no longer needed with this CF plenum. The CF plenum is a direct bolt-on and works with the stock AFM / Motronic. ICV (idle control valve) and oil-separator hoses attach in the same locations as they do on the stock plenum. The CF plenum results in an enhanced and more aggressive induction sound when throttling the engine, however, not as aggressive sounding as the S14 DTM airboxes. The S14 CF replica plenum is available for E30 M3, 2002 M2, or any other chassis powered by an S14 engine.