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Lang Racing

S54 Cam Gear Bolt Kit

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Problem: The stock cam gear bolts can back out or shear causing engine failure.
Solution: S54 Cam Gear Bolt Kit
This S54 Cam Gear Bolt Kit has been specified to replace the stock bolts that fasten the cam gears to the camshafts. These are a more cost effective alternative to the expensive BMW fillister head bolts. The allen head bolts are the highest strength available grade 12.9. We use a blue tinted bolt for the hex bolt that is 10.9 grade. The high visibility blue bolt serves to let anyone touching the car that the cam bolts have been done as they are visible whenever a valve adjustment is performed.

There are many different kinds of loctite, we supply a container of the loctite that we use in house. This is the loctite 263, it is high temp, high strength, oil resistant, and primerless.

Includes (12) 12.9 uprated inner bolts, (12) 10.9 outer bolts. (1) Loctite 263 Tube