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S54 Carbon Airbox (E46 M3 / Z4M) -- Alpha N

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The S54 carbon airbox is of high quality construction, 100% carbon fiber, carbon intake trumpets, and with all necessary fittings and supports (including fitting for air temperature sensor). The carbon airbox intake utilizes tuned intake trumpets and larger plenum volume (Helmholtz resonance) vs. the stock setup to achieve a power gain. The engine has a much more aggressive intake note and a better throttle response.

The carbon airbox is a modified design based on the OEM carbon airbox and has been run on P54 race engine builds in endurance racing. The carbon airbox works particularly well in combination with upgraded cams and exhaust system. We also supply BMW Motorsport and Schrick race cams.

Fits 2001-2006 M3 and MZ4. A special version is available for 2002+ MZ3. Custom versions are available for transplant cars with S54 engines (e.g. S54 engine installed in E30, E28, and E36 chassis).

Various snorkel diameters are available (120 mm, 130 mm and 200 mm). Custom snorkels with different lengths and diameters are available upon request. The 120 mm and 130 mm snorkels are longer in length and necked down to improve fitment in the engine bay without loss of power. The 200 mm snorkel has a shorter length.

The airbox is available for fitment with an internal CSL air filter (see options) or an external air filter of your choice.

This carbon airbox is intended for use with Alpha N ECU programming or standalone engine management. This style setup works well for both street cars and race cars. We also supply Alpha N software and ECU conversions, please refer to our other products or contact us for details.

MAF/HFM versions of this carbon airbox and for use with the standard ECU are also available. The MAF carbon airboxes are only available with the longer necked down 120 mm snorkel and for use with external air filter. Please refer to our S54 MAF carbon airbox product for further information.

Example dyno plot with this airbox: