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Lang Racing

S54 Constant Pressure Valve CPV Replacement Viton O Ring

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For years the solution to the leaking constant pressure valve on the side of the S54 has been replacing the entire valve with a new unit BMW # 11 11 1 318 185. Anyone who has done this before has probably realized that the valve itself doesn't seem like it needs replacing, just the seal itself. We wanted to save our customers some money so we found the proper size o ring to replace just the seal on these valves. And naturally we selected the o ring from the best material available for the application. Better than what the new CPV comes with from BMW this is a longer lasting solution than the OEM CPV replacement.

This o ring is made of Viton® fluoroelastomer and is intended to be used in applications requiring chemical and oil resistance. Temperature range is -40° to +400° F.Durometer hardness is A75. Meets ASTM D2000/SAE J200. Color is black.

Save yourself some money and just replace the O Ring. Check out our bulk pricing for repair shop owners and really save your customers some money when you find this leak.