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S55 Stage 1 E-Flash Performance ECU Software

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ESS S55 Stage 1 E-Flash Performance ECU Software 550+ HP / 560+ lb-ft tq

The E-Flash S55 software is a full OBD2 solution that does not require sending in the ECU or opening the ECU in any way.

Take your already high performance F8x M3 / M4 to the next level with expert calibrated ESS S55 Performance ECU software.

After very extensive development of software on the S55 engine platform using normal pump 91-93aki fuel we have developed a calibration that maintains an OEM level of overall functionality and safety combined with excellent engine response and feel. Hundreds of hours have gone into polishing the S55 calibration to what we find is absolute perfection. We have chosen to stay on the conservative side without forcing any ignition timing in the high RPM range, and with a linear and very efficient powerband that is easy to hook up and utilize in everyday traffic. The S55 is capable of generating a torque hump well in excess of 500wtq in the mid range, but in our opinion doing so makes the car virtually useless as it has severe traction issues when floored at all normal speeds when this is done as well as an extreme torque load on the engine and drivetrain that is not healthy in the long run. We have worked within the mechanical limitations of the stock S55 and extracted the maximum we feel is safe on normal pump fuel thereby creating a linear and very fun driving experience that is significantly faster than stock, yet still feels very OEM in it's power delivery. Overall engine safety and durability has been our #1 goal throughout the design process.

Power increase of ~50whp and 70-80 ft/lbs of torque over otherwise stock M3/4. Power delivery is provided by optimizing turbo boost pressure within the factory turbo efficiency range. This calibration allows for reliable, consistent performance and a very responsive and OEM like driving experience on pump fuel (91-93AKI/95-98RON).

Turbo lag is minimized through advanced vanos and AFR control. 

Available options :

-Removed top speed limiter, alternatively GTS 192MPH limiter
-Increased  RPM limit
-Extended power scale in cabin instruments.
-Removed cat check option for off-road use (not available for customers in California)
-Removed cold start cat heat up cycle for off-road use (not available for customers in California)
-GTS spec startup and overrun exhaust valve control.
-Calibration available for upgraded turbos and/or HFC/catless downpipes (not available for customers in California)

*This software is designed to run with OEM S55 air induction system. We have found this overall superior to anything else we have tested on the market. OEM airboxes have virtually 0 restriction and replacing them during our in house testing with an open CAI air intake setup with matched intake funnels yielded absolutely no results at all. We know several companies claim otherwise, but we have not been able to find any advantages to replacing the stock S55 airboxes. Several aftermarket intakes we have seen create MAF turbulence issues and engine operation problems.

**Most aftermarket exhaust systems we have tested on the S55 platform produces less power than the OEM exhaust, the only exhaust we have found to match the OEM in power delivery is Akrapovic.

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