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S55 Stage 3 Performance Cylinder Head

Regular price $4,053.18 USD
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This stage 3 cylinder head will be a huge improvement on any engine with larger turbochargers. The stock S55 cylinder head is delivered from the factory with some very restrictive ports. The intake tract specifically can benefit tremendously from being opened up. We developed a CNC program for both the intake and exhaust tracts to significantly increase flow. We've also CNC'd the chamber to unshroud the valves on this motor. The stock valve pocket design on the intake has heavily shrouded valves which helps reduce combustion reversion into the intake port and reduce the amount of carbon build up on a direct injected motor in the intake. Unfortunately this compromises intake port flow in a very significant way. We've combined this porting with some high quality Ferrea valves. Ferrea's Super Alloy can withstand 2400 degree combustion temperatures. The S55 can also suffer from valves floating at high boost levels so we've selected a high seat pressure Supertech spring package to go with our stage 3 cylinder head that will allow for good sealing at very high boost pressures.

Our Stage 3 Cylinder Heads feature the following:

  • CNC Porting of Intake and Exhaust Ports
  • CNC Chamber Porting and Unshrouding of Intake Valves
  • Ferrea Intake and Exhaust Valves
  • Supertech Valve Spring Kit - 82lbs of Seat Pressure
  • Complete Disassembly & Cleaning
  • Comprehensive Leak, Crack & Pressure Test
  • Inspect All Components For Irregular Wear
  • Our High performance Five Angle Valve Job
  • New Valve Seals
  • Trueness Checked & Resurfaced Mating Surface

Valve guides will be inspected and replaced if necessary at additional cost.

Please remove camshafts and eccentric shaft before sending in your cylinder head. If you do not have the tools required to do this, we can do it in our shop for you but the additional pricing $500. The shipping cost may also need to be adjusted as a result.

  • A Core cylinder head is required for all head work, please call or email if you will not be supplying us with a head for updated core market price.
  Spring Pressure Seated .400" Lift Seat Pressure
Stock Intake 56 lbs 130 lbs
Stock Exhaust 58 lbs 124 lbs

Supertech Intake

82 lbs 150 lbs
Supertech Exhaust 82 lbs 150 lbs