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S65 Tilton Carbon/Carbon Flywheel and Clutch Kit

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Smooth engagement similar to an OEM clutch- bites and holds like a pure race clutch; Carbon/Carbon 7.25" discs offer a clutch that can slip when needed and grabs harder the hotter it gets.

Lower mass compared to any traditional clutch design, this low-mass arrangement revs quickly yet is very street-able and user friendly. Allows transmission syncros to come to speed fast; gear changes become quicker for domination on the race track.

100% carbon floating discs do not wear like typical friction materials in traditional clutches. This offers quiet, long life (much higher than other materials) that will-not chatter, make odd noises like ceramic or bronze clutches.

-Up to quadruple the life of other units
-Quieter than many others of similar muti-disc design
-Smoother than others
-Significantly lighter than others
-Perfect for street or full race
-The highest power handling available
-Adjustable & rebuildable!

  • Includes:
  • AASCO Custom Low-mass Steel Alloy Flywheel
  • 7.25" Tilton (Twin or triple disc) Carbon/Carbon Clutch
  • Custom AASCO/Tilton Hydraulic Release Bearing with Adapter Plate
  • All hardware and accessories

Available Options:

  • Twin Disc (up to 600ft/lbs of torque)
  • Triple Disc (Over 600ft/lbs of torque)