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Protect yourself with safety equipments specifically designed for your car on the race track with langracing safety equipments including Fire Supression, Gloves, Harnesses, Seats, Shoes, Suits and Steering Wheels.

  • BSCI EIS Seat Insert Kit

    Energy Impact Systems (EIS) is a revolution in the two-part foam seat insert design, providing a ready-to-use seat in approximately one hour. This is a kit that has everything you need to do your own custom poured seats. Product Details BSCI has...

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  • Chicane Balaclava

    2 layer open face, latest FIA 8856-2000 approved in lightweight cotton material. Can be worn below nose or on chin. New Zealand made quality.

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  • Chicane Underwear Set (White)

    2 piece, ankle to cuff single-layer fire resistant underwear set. Made in New Zealand from lightweight material. FIA 8856-2000 approved. Short sleeve top and boxer length pants available, but not FIA approved.

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  • Racetech Clubman 4-point

    Racetech Clubman 4-point

    4-point harness with wide 2" shoulder and lap straps. The Clubman harness uses the standard click-together buckle, found on the majority of road car seatbelts. The lap straps have a 3" load-spreader to ease pressure on the pelvis. Includes...

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  • Racetech Eye Bolt (Long)

    Eye bolt. This is the longer of the two lengths available and has 2" (50mm) of thread. Standard 7/16" UNF thread. Use in conjunction with our backing plate.

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  • Racetech Kidney Cushion

    A pair of cushions, one for each kidney as a means of extra support and padding. Comes with Velcro on the back to position these in the optimal position on the seat. Embroidered Racetech logo in white and yellow is standard.

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  • Racetech Low Base Cushion Set

    The Racetech Low Base Cushion is 30mm thick and allows the driver to sit 15mm lower in the seat when compared to the standard base cushion. Designed for and compatible with 119 & 129 series seats. Standard width fits seat...

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  • Racetech Lumbar Cushion

    Provides extra padding and support to the lumbar area of your back. Can be used as padding in other areas of the seat also. Comes with sewn-in, hook-side velcro strips for positioning on your race seat. Racetech logo in white embroidery.

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  • Racetech Magnum 5-point

    Racetech Magnum 5-point

    5-point harness with wide 3" shoulder and lap straps. A lightweight camlock is attached to the 2" crutch strap. Features velcro on the lap straps for fixing the belts to your seat fabric when the harness is not in use, allowing easy entry and exit...

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  • Racetech Magnum 6-point HANS Lightweight

    Racetech Magnum 6-point HANS Lightweight

    The top-of-the-line 6-point harness with 2" shoulder straps over the HANS device. This harness is FIA approved, but only when used correctly in conjunction with a HANS device. Features 3" lap straps and 2" crutch straps, which lock in via...

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  • Racetech Magnum 6-point Lightweight

    Racetech Magnum 6-point Lightweight

    A top-quality 6-point harness with wide 3" shoulder and lap straps. 2" crutch straps lock in via a T bar to the lightweight cam-lock. Includes snap-hooks, eye-bolts and instructions for mounting in your vehicle. Snap-hooks can be...

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  • Racetech Pro 5-point

    Racetech Pro 5-point

    A quality 5-point harness with wide 3" shoulder straps and 2" lap straps, with load spreader at the pelvis. The lightweight cam-lock is attached to the 2" crutch strap. Features velcro on the lap straps for fixing the belts to your seat fabric...

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