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S65 G1+ Intercooled Supercharger System

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The intercooled S65 G1+ Supercharger System produces a massive 180-220whp gain from stock depending on exhaust system and methanol injection used. It is supplied with both 93AKI/98RON and 93AKI/98RON + methanol injection pulleys as standard.

This kit is designed for 93AKI/98RON fuel or above exclusively, in order to use the included high boost supercharger pulley a methanol injection system must be installed. We recommend the Snow Performance Stage 2 system using the #5 nozzle set to 3PSI start and 7PSI full gain. Torqo or VP methanol is recommended. We do not sell or support the methanol side of the system, so please ensure you find a competent supplier/technician with experience on these injection systems.

This kit is based on the S65 G1 supercharger system and contains all of the same components with the exception of :

  • ESS S65 G1+ specific 7rib beltdrive system with all billet pulleys and idlers
  • ESS G1+ spec fuel injectors
  • Perfectly optimized, dyno tweaked MSS60 ECU software with removed top speed governor, calibrated for G1+ spec injectors
  • 7PK S65/92mm (93AKI/98RON) and 7PK S65/88mm (93AKI/98RON + methanol) supercharger pulleys

Installation time: 8-14 hours

Boost pressure: 7.5-9 PSI Intercooled

Horsepower: 180-220whp gain over stock depending on fuel quality and pulley used

Torque: 35-50% gain over stock depending on fuel quality and pulley used

Application intended for: E90 M3, E92 M3, E93 M3 from 2008-2013

For off-road use only unless otherwise noted.

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